It's Almost Spring

March 15, 2019

Good day Northerners and those that like to call themselves Northerners.  Great news.. the snow has begun to retreat. I can see the stones in the driveway. I'm optimistic that it will all be gone by July. 


Our small club continues to spread our talents far and wide. 


                      Darry wins bronze in Mexico, men's doubles 60 - 69

Bob Riehl wins Gold in Mexico, men's doubles 60 - 69

George wins bronze in Florida, mixed doubles 60 - 69


George and Pierrette are playing in a SSIPA sanctioned tournament, 4.0 age 65 - 69. Best of luck !!!


News Club:


Lise and Rick are the proud new grandparents of a sweet baby girl, Lila

and Bud continues to improve following knee surgery. 


We have added three new videos on the drop shot. Click HERE


News from Pickleball Canada [PCO]


1) Ratings:  There are three types of ratings that will be tracked by PCO


                       Self - [Currently tracked on your PCO profile]

                       Club [Expert Assessment and Performance Based - to be tracked]

                       Tournament [Canadian Tournament Player Rating - CTPR - to be tracked]


     A player could have up to 3 ratings:



                          Men/Women Doubles

                          Mixed Doubles


A steering committee has been formed to:


"To review, evaluate and recommend to the Board a ratings methodology and system to handle the requirements of calculating and reporting a Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR)." Stay tuned


2) Membership:   There is work being done that will combine a club - provincial -national membership registration and renewal in one process. This new process is in the design stages and would not be mandatory.


Once the design has been documented, it will be brought to the Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Committee [ITAC], for their input. 

Any changes would require Board approval and acceptance by the respective provincial association. 


In the meantime, our club  memberships will be payable to our treasurer once our season begins. PAO and PCO membership will be payable to PAO when you receive our renewal invoice directly from PAO


PCO membership as of March 15, 2019 stands at:16,454 in good standing. 


3) Waivers: waivers are now available to be electronically accepted on the PCO website. As part of PCO's insurance coverage, these signed waivers are required even if you have signed a paper waiver last season. You can access the waiver by simply logging in your profile on the PCO site. If you have forgotten your user name and password, there is a feature to request that information.


While your in your profile, you might want to complete all fields that you have not yet filled in. Although not mandatory, it is important for possible funding projects, as they request demographics on the membership at all levels of play.  


You might want to add a picture of yourself, add your self rating and your club. 


4) Member Lookup: This feature, located on the PC web site, is useful to locate players in any geographic area based on ratings, address and club. 


5) Pickleball Canada has introduced a new logo. 



6) PCO has changed its communications process. Starting in April, they will publish a magazine. More frequent "bulletins" may be published at any time



 If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact:












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