Season Update

July 31, 2018

It's been a great start to the Manitoulin Pickleball Season. With 39 full members and 24 drop ins, we are using all five courts each of our regular play days. Remember that we also have a drill nite each Thursday evening from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM'ish.  


One thing to remember when starting to play each day is the warm up. Not just starting to drill the ball but to take the time and properly warm up. We have added a warm up video to our site that was done here on the island. Take a moment and watch the exercise routine 






 A few bits of information about pickleball in Canada. 


1) As of today, Pickleball Canada has 14,057 registered members. That is double the number from 2017. 


2) Insurance coverage for both the facility and the individual is covered by Pickleball Canada. Review what your covered for and how to make a claim, click HERE


3) Pickleball Canada has adopted policies as they relate to our sport. The first few are available on the PC website at:


4) Recently the USAPA approved a new ratings system. This system has not been adopted by PC as yet and is primarily used for tournament players. If you are not a tournament player, you can self rate. Our club will be hosting a ratings clinic on Wednesday, August 8. If you would like a club rating feel free to join us.


5) Each Wednesday at 11:00 AM we have round robin play. Last week there were three courts and 15 players participating. This round robin is open to all players and is based on skill. 


6) The PAO Annual tournament is being held in Waterloo this year. Our club will be represented by: George Ballantyne, Glen Boisvert, Megan Boisvert, Pierrette Hebner, Bud Hebner, Darry Resmer and Garry Wolfe. 


If you have any photos or videos to share, please send them to



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