We are in Season

April 23, 2018



Just wanted to send a short note to announce that our season is beginning. George has been busy fixing the lines and with a fresh coat of a non stick application Monday, we will be ready for play this Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 9:00 AM. 


Our hours are Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM with Turesday and Thursday evening times starting in a few weeks. Stay tuned. 


As a PAO and Pickleball Canada affiliated club, Manitoulin Island players will be covered by insurance. For more on the insurance, please visit the FAQ section of the Pickleball Canada web site. It is important you ready the "What type of activities/play is covered?"


Here are a couple further highlights you should be aware of:


1) the Provincial Association of Ontario became an affiliated member of Pickleball Canada last August. Your dues are now $15.00 paid to PAO upon renewal or for new players. You will receive a renewal notice directly from PAO. $10 stays with PAO and the balance gets transferred to PC. You must be a PAO/PC member to play pickleball with the Manitoulin Pickleball Group.


2) PAO recently announced the that they received a $198,000 Trillium award for the development of a Coaching/Instructor program under the Coaching Association of Canada. This program will take 24 months to develop and is partly funded by Pickleball Canada. Watch for further announcements!!!  Although the program is not yet available, there is nothing to stop an individual from getting a head start by enrolling in a few of the standard modules of coaching that will form part of the NCCP for Pickleball. Please see the FAQ's HERE


3) There is a new rating system announced by the USAPA this week. It is being based on tournament play and will involve the same process for rating other racquet sports. As an example, if you were rated as a 3.5 before, you might now be rated at 3.569. Pickleball Canada is moving towards this new rating system and will have more to announce in the next few weeks. 


That's all from the pulpit....... Let's play some PICKLEBALL


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