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March 2, 2018

Well the great white north isn't so white these days. We left Phoenix where it was sunny and a high of 14 C. Arrived in Toronto where it was cloudy and a high of 16 C. Can Spring be far away? Nope, we will be ready for pickleball here on the Island in less than two months. 


Back in August the Pickleball Association of Ontario made a decision to affiliate with Pickleball Canada. By now you all will have received a message from Jim Parrott, the President of PAO,  concerning the advantages of the affiliation. 


Every member of PAO is now a member of Pickleball Canada and as such is insured with PC. For your viewing pleasure, please feel free to understand what that insurance covers by reviewing the FAQ's here


There are a great deal of added features that you might want to review on the PC web site so I will leave that to your leisure reading. PICKLEBALL CANADA.  Of particular note are the rule changes


Although Jim Parrott serves as the President of PAO, he is also serves as the Chair, Player Development for Pickleball Canada, responsible for Coaching/Instructor, Youth Development, Para Pickleball and Long Term Athlete Development. As such an application for funding from the Trillium Award with the Province of Ontario has been made to fund the coaching/instructor program development for pickleball with the Coaching Association of Canada. We will know by the end of March if the application is successfull. Stay tuned.


On a personal note,  you will meet the nicest people on the pickleball courts. You never know, he might just swing by the island one fine summer day and he just might do a clinic.


[check his latest video on the pickleball channel coming the end of March and nope no cameo]


Karen Hill is offering an officiating clinic in North Bay.  Please refer to Pierette's email and if you can, please support this opportunity. The sport of pickleball in Canada needs good officiating as more and more players are opting for a "sanctioned" tournament. 


The North Bay Open final registration date is May 5, 2018. If you haven't already signed up you might want to check it out. It's the first sanctioned tournament for the north and a chance to check out the facilities for the 2019 PAO provincials. 


Stay safe and get ready for a terrific 2018 Manitoulin Pickleball Season. 











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