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July 12, 2017



The annual general meeting of Pickleball Canada (PCO) was held July 11, 2017. Recognizing that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, PCO set its sights to become the national governing body for pickleball in Canada. This may not seem like a significant event since most of the players play recreationally. However, it is 

significant for several reasons:


  • It will provide a more comprehensive national insurance coverage plan which doesn't currently exist. A robust policy that covers both the player and the facility.

  • It will manage the development and national certification of officials for pickleball in Canada for all levels of play whether recreationally, socially or competitively.

  • It will create and manage coaches/instructor certification programs and database for community sport, competitive playing or instructor

  • It will establish a national player database for player registration for insurance, for ratings and potential partner locate/contact. This database will be valuable whether your playing at the club, provincial, national or international level

  • It will establish and monitor polices on code of conduct, dispute resolution, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest and anti-doping

  • It will manage a high performance athlete development program

  • it will allow for a single voice for Canada at the international federation to approve new rules and regulations which affect all play at all levels

  • It will oversee the development of para-pickleball at all levels throughout Canada.


PCO will apply to become a National Sports Organization in Canada in 2019. Once approved, this will provide for athlete, coach and official development as the sport continues to grow and expand to all demographics in Canada and internationally.


There is much to do and all work is currently being done by volunteers who believe in the sport of pickleball and its future. We would welcome interested individuals to be part of the solution by volunteering your time and expertise to make this happen. 


If you would like to know more about how you can make a difference, please send an email of pcostrategicplanning@gmail.com





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