2019 Membership

Manitoulin Island Pickleball Membership



1) Membership for 2019 is payable when you start to play your first game. Dues are set at $20.00 per person.


2) The Pickleball Association of Ontario [PAO] and the Pickleball Canada Organization [PCO].  Each member of Manitoulin      Pickleball must be a registered member of the PAO  and PCO.


                             -  For new members, payment of the combined PAO and PCO dues may be made to the PAO site at:                                      http://pickleballontario.org/new-member-sign-up/ The fee is $15.00 for one year and includes                                          membership in both PAO and PCO

                              - For renewal members, PAO will send a renewal invoice via email for both dues. Please pay                                                according to the instructions on the email


Once paid, the PAO membership group updates your information to the PCO membership database automatically. New members will receive a welcome message from both PAO and PCO.


When your membership has been successfully updated to the PCO site, you will automatically be covered by the PCO insurance policy. However, you should sign into your profile on the PCO site, electronically accept the waiver [Even if you signed a paper waiver last year] and update your profile with any further information not previously requested. Please note that date of birth and gender are required fields for Canadian demographic reports.



  Pickleball Canada Login :   https://www.memberleap.com/members/mlogin.php?org_id=PBCA



Insurance FAQ’s can be viewed at:  https://www.pickleballcanada.org/pickleball_canada_insurance_pr.php


For further information: please contact manitoulinpickleball@gmail.com

Manitoulin Pickleball 2020

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